Local Pick-up Available, Causeway Coast.

Business Mentorship for start-ups.

Do you have a business idea and need some active support to get you started? Or maybe you're a start-up who needs active mentorship to progress. As someone who has had lots of mentorship on my own business journey, I know the benefit of hearing from a fellow businessperson. 

As a professional photographer, I work with local small businesses to capture high quality visuals to produce creative, professional content for their online presence. I use mentorship skills developed through extensive experience working in the voluntary sector to actively support new business owners in building proficiencies and confidence in the use of Instagram and Facebook. In April 2021 I also came on board as a Women in Business, Yes You Can programme buddy. My core competencies include product and service photoshoots, web content creation and development, training and workshop facilitation and one to one mentoring. 

Mentorship sessions are tailored to you and your business needs. I provide practical support, this may be assisting you with content creation for social media usage, brainstorming marketing opportunities or developing visuals for your online platforms.  

Prior to meeting for session one, I start by going through your current content online, your online presence; website, social media and other outlets used. From there the mentorship will start. I'll feedback to you on session one and we'll get started!

Having the opportunity to mentor other entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals has been a joy and I would be delighted to join you on your journey. If you have any questions or would like more information on how I can help your business, please do get in contact.