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'£100 to spend'

I’m sure by now you have heard of the £100 spend local voucher scheme. On hearing two lovely customers discuss the scheme with me instore I suddenly remembered something! I remembered about a piece I had written in primary school at just the age of six, entitled ‘£100 to spend’. It’s amazing how an old memory can flood back in a split second. That very night I climbed into the attic in an attempt to retrieve my old workbook - I simply couldn’t settle until I found out exactly how I imagined I’d spend £100. Plus, I was keen for ideas! After a little searching, I found the book, it was just as I remembered it; a navy-blue cover with ‘Laura McIlveen, Creative Writing’ printed in large black permanent marker on the front.

I was a little excited, I instantly recognised this was the book I was trying to find. I flicked through until I found the story. There it was, exactly how I would have chose to spend £100 (at the age of six) with a colourful drawing at the top of the story. It really made me smile and then laugh out loud!

Childs creative writing book, story £100 to spend.

I still remember the day I wrote this story in school despite being so young. I remember thinking what a vast sum of money £100 was and could see so much potential for such a spend! My list was varied and rather creative, I believed that £100 spend could make a big impact. Whilst I must admit my purchase list has changed somewhat (a violin would be super cool though!), my idea of making an impact with that spend hasn’t. I want to use my voucher for good in local small businesses, because that’s how this voucher will really make an impact. 

However you choose to spend your voucher, please consider the local small retailers. The good news is you don’t have to spend your voucher all at once, so you can help several businesses if you choose. This last year and a half have been challenging for lots of local small businesses; multiple closures and prolonged uncertainty has seen tough and worrying times for many. Why not make a positive impact in your favourite local small business? The local businesses that make our towns varied and interesting, the local business owners that know you by name, that make you feel special when you shop. I still believe a £100 spend can make a big impact.



Looking for inspiration? I'm full of ideas! 

The Arcadia Special Edition Framed 8x8" print.  £44.95

Framed Vintage Style Poster - £99

'Pink Elephant' 18x12" Professionally Framed - £145.



Author - Laura McIlveen. Laura is a local professional photographer, her shop is based in Makers House @ The Designerie, Bushmills. Laura’s focus is on landscape photography, as well as commercial / product photography. Passionate about local small business, her work includes getting quality visuals so a small business can compete online.

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